Sludge Collector, Belt Filter Press, All Sort of Equipment for Sludge Handling

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AJV-Engineering is over 10 years old company. Our staff has peaple with more that 20 years experience with enwironmental business. We have realized the change of climate and we are, by our own way, preventing that situation doesn't be worse. We operate with constantly increasing sludge problem. Our product are designed to handle sludge in clarifiers and after that. We manage Sludge Scraper Systems, Sludge Thickening systems and Sludge Dewatering Systems professionality. We are able to include in these systems all neseccary assessories like Polymer Make-Up Units, Sludge Conveyors and Pumps, Air Compressors and generally all equipment needed sludge handling.

We have some principles in designing our products:
- Our products have a low electricity consumtion.
- We don't use materials but just needed to get the best result.
- We use mainly stainless steel material for to get long life time to our products.
- Our belt filter presses use only minimum amount chemicals in dewatering.

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